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  Religious Structure

Bektashi Tekke (Temple), Gjakova (Đakovica), Kosovo

Bektashi Tekke

The Bektashi Tekke in Gjakova (Đakovica) was established in 1790, and it is the only building of its kind in Kosovo. It is the headquarters of the country's Islamic Sufi order. This building was reconstructed after being demolished during the last Kosovo conflict.

The message of Kosovo's Bektashi spiritual leader, father Mumin Lamas, “Without the homeland there is no religion.” This tekke—or temple—used to be an education center for many generations, but during the last conflict, its rich library was completely destroyed. “Bektashi is known as a mystic belief in the Muslim religion. Its aim is the spiritual sophistication of human kind.”  It does not discriminate by race, gender, language or national origin.

On the right side of the temple, seven of Bektashi's nine fathers, who have served in this building since 17th century, are buried. It is worth noting that father Qazim Bakalli, a clever calm man who impressed people with his remarkable wisdom, is buried here.

Kosovo is a mosaic of different beliefs and religions: all known for tolerance and harmonious  coexistence.

Hours Open to Visitation

Bektashi Tekke is always open to visitors from around the world and all are welcome to listen to Father Mumin's inspiring stories. 

Accessibility Notes

The tekke is located inside the greater Çarshija (old bazzar), on the left side of Hadum Mosque , next to the Hani i Haraçisë restaurant in Gjakova (Đakovica).

For More Information, Contact:

Kujtim Rrahmani
Ismajl Qemajli,
+377 (0) 44 187 918

Fisnik wrote on February 06, 2014: Dear Ivica, yes there are other Tekke in Kosovo, but we specify that considering the long tradition of the place Gjakova with its way of architecture and wood carving making this Tekke and its interior look more specific. Thanks

Ivica wrote on January 16, 2014: Why you state that it is the only building of its kind? Are there not other Tekke in Kosovo?

Shkumbin wrote on September 01, 2013: Thank you Blerim, you are right. We are changing the photo.

blerim wrote on July 22, 2013: The actual photo displayed above does not show the Bektashi Tekke in Gjakova; it is another tekke.

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Latitude: 42.382638400
Longitude: 20.427540200
Elevation: 363 M (1190 FT)
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