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  Festival Event

Belgrade Beer Festival (Beograd), Serbia


Event Dates:
August 19, 2015 - August 23, 2015

Description of Event

Belgrade Beer Fest is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within five days over 500,000 people visit the Festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an eclectic music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Belgrade Beer Fest was founded in 2003. During the nine years of its existence roughly 4,650,000 visitors have enjoyed over 450 music performances, tasted over 90 beer brands, and were able to take part in numerous social campaigns.

The Festival has received numerous recognitions. Among these, the British newspaper The Independent placed the Belgrade Beer Fest among 20 must-see world events. In addition to that, Professor Dennis Wilcox in his book "PR Strategies and Tactics," used at over 350 Universities around the world, presented Belgrade Beer Fest as a positive example of marketing and PR campaigns.

One of the latest recognitions, the Festival received was as the 2009 Marketing Event of the Year. This recognition was given by expert marketing magazine "Taboo", for a big social campaign "I choose to recycle". The goals of the campaign were to build ecological awareness in Serbia and to buy recycling containers for Belgrade elementary schools.

The Festival is established as one of the most important segments in Serbian guided tours, and as a brand which promotes the country and improves the image of the country.

Admission Fee (if any): Free

For More Information, Contact:

Belgrade Beer Fest

Visit wrote on August 04, 2013: Welcome to Beer Fest :)

Maja wrote on February 19, 2013: This is a great festival where all participants are happy and dizzy from the beer. You can hear interesting bands and their music. If you need a beautiful and affordable accommodation while you are there, you can find it here:

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Latitude: 44.802416000
Longitude: 20.465601000
Elevation: 123 M (402 FT)
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